10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Singing Teacher

Some people are born with singing ability, while others need to improve their singing voice. A singing teacher can help if you are a singer like me.

Any aspiring singer, even established/professional singers would benefit from taking singing lessons as you gain valuable experience from someone knowledgeable in the craft while learning proper singing techniques.

After taking lessons, my singing skills have improved tremendously. But I’ve also grown as a person. These are the 10 life lessons I learned from my singing instructor.

Get out of your comfort zone.

My first lesson was learned the day I met my singing instructor. I never took singing lessons because I believed I didn’t need them.

My first lesson in singing was very nerve-wracking. This was the first time that a professional singer would evaluate my singing skills. My teacher was able to see my nervousness by simply listening to my voice quickly and my body language.

It was clear from the first lesson that this would be an exciting ride.

Limitations and their importance

My teacher insists on us understanding our limits. Although it is possible to expand our limits, we must do so safely and steadily. This helped me a lot in my singing lessons, as I was able to identify my limits. It allowed me to either work around the limitation or get past it safely.

Nevertheless, understanding our limitations will help us decide when to push ourselves further.

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Like having our limitations, each person has their strengths and weaknesses. Some are easy to spot, while others can be difficult to identify.

My singing teacher first assessed my strengths and weaknesses. My singing teacher did this to help us determine the areas we needed to improve.

We will make better decisions when taking on challenges that could help us grow.

Competing against the Star

We were all told about an event on campus during one of our group sessions, where my singing teacher’s students met up for a class session. It was the Annual Battle of the Bands at our University.

However, as I mentioned earlier, I was passionate about seeking new experiences that would help me grow as a singer, so I signed up just a few days before the event. Mike encouraged us to have fun and good luck.

How to prepare for the event

My closest friends, who are all talented musicians, formed our band. We have performed many shows together, and we’ve had many jam sessions. It wasn’t difficult to prepare for the event because we had lots of experience performing together. The night before the event, we met up to make our setlist. That was quite a challenge.

We didn’t worry about the details. We wanted to get out there and perform our hearts out.

Battle of the Bands Night

We told ourselves on the night that we wouldn’t stress about anything and that we would have fun on the stage. We sang the songs we loved without worrying about placing them at the top.

I made jokes and tried to interact and laugh with the audience between songs. It was a great time, and our 45-minute set was over before we knew it. The crowd requested a second encore, which was another great experience.

It was incredible to watch them perform, and it inspired me to work hard.

Who won?

It was time for the Annual Battle of the Bands winners to be announced at the end of the evening.

It was a surprise to us to make it to the top 2. We were up against Mike and his band. The host was eager to announce which band placed second and first. My band and I entered together, and someone said, “Guys! This is crazy!” We won second place!” It felt like time had slowed down for just a second. We suddenly hear Mike’s band name being called for second place.

It was a confusing moment that finally made sense. We won!

True Colors are the Best

I was able to go and congratulate Mike on his great job. Although it was an honour to play against such a band, I saw Mike’s true colours. He stated, “Congratulations. I’m sure your band did well, but we should have won.” After the photoshoots, Mike stormed out of the venue and told everyone that he wouldn’t be joining the Battle of the Bands.

In victory or defeat, be humble. This is the main lesson I took away from this episode. A new experience was something I wouldn’t have tried if I didn’t get the push from my teacher.

A few months later

Another day of singing together as a class. I was taken aback when Brad sang the same Adele song.

My teacher stood up, clapped his hands and said, “Now that’s what I want to hear.” I have been captivated by those words ever since.

Be Me in Everyday Life

I have used the life lesson I learned from my singing teacher to improve many aspects of my own life.

My self-confidence has grown tremendously. I have found my music and singing style and my style in everyday life. Each of us is unique in our own lives and personalities. Instead of trying to be someone else, we should learn to love ourselves and give our best.

Set goals and work towards them

In singing lessons, it was important to set goals. We not only set goals but also created plans to achieve them.

Small Goals

My singing teacher would encourage us to set smaller goals that we could accomplish in a given time. These small steps allowed us to grow and feel a sense of accomplishment. We felt a sense of accomplishment that gave us confidence and drove us to work hard.

It was great to have small goals that we could achieve. This allowed us to continue improving our craft and feel like moving forward. These smaller goals are great because they lead us to bigger goals. These are the goals that require more effort and time.

The Big Goals

These were the goals my singing teacher asked us to set. They would push us to do our best. These goals required us to make dramatic improvements in our singing skills, which was a difficult feat that took a lot of effort and time.

It’s clear that I am closer to my goal, and it has been an amazing journey. I would have quit if it weren’t for the small goals and milestones I set for myself.

This lesson is the most important takeaway.

Because they force us to work hard, goals are important. It is important to remember that goals must be achievable. Realistic goals that we can achieve.

It’s important to set smaller goals between the larger ones. We will achieve more if we work harder towards our goals. Even bigger goals will be possible than ever before.

Last Thoughts

Here are 10 lessons I learned from my singing teacher.

I hope you will find the lessons I’ve shared useful in your journey to become a better singer, musician, artist, and person.

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