7 Social Media Platforms Every Artist Should Use in 2021

Social media is a powerful tool for artists, singers, and influencers to increase their reach and ultimately expand their careers online. Social media platforms offer musicians many opportunities to connect with others and share their music. Without the numerous social media platforms we will be discussing today, none of this would have been possible.


TikTok rose quickly to the top of social media platforms as the most popular in 2021. Over 1 billion people worldwide use TikTok. It is also available in more than 150 countries. TikTok is a must-have for every musician/artist. Here’s why.

Many musicians have already started using TikTok to build their fan base. Artists can use this App in many different ways to increase awareness about their music and brand. I will be creating a TikTok guide for musicians and artists. After that’s done, I’ll link that article here.


YouTube is currently the #1 video sharing platform online. YouTube is not only the best place to upload your videos, but it’s also the best platform for musicians to promote their music. YouTube offers incredible flexibility, as you can share many types of content.

This will help you to build your brand as a musician/musician.

Types of content you can upload to YouTube.

Your Music

Your music is the most important type of content that you should upload to your YouTube channel. YouTube is the ideal place to upload your music, whether it’s original or cover versions of your favourite songs.

Vlogs (Behind The Scenes)

Vlogs can be a great way to connect with your viewers. You get to share your life with everyone, and you can also show off your personality. When it comes to social media, I find that people visit your site to enjoy your talents but are more likely to stay because of your personality. Your videos should reflect you and help to build relationships with your audience.


It’s important to build relationships with people in your field when involved in Social Media. You can create videos together with other YouTube musicians and collaborate with them. Collaboration has never been easier, thanks to the fact that it is all done online. You can now collaborate with someone on the other side without travelling.

Promotions for Your Projects

Are you working on a project? YouTube is a great place to promote your projects, regardless of whether they’re mixtapes or singles.

YouTube can market yourself and make you known as someone serious about music.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Google purchased YouTube on November 13, 2006. Since then, online video streaming has evolved significantly.

YouTube uses the same search engines used by Google, the largest search engine on the web. YouTube users can optimize their videos for more exposure by SEO (SEO). This gives YouTube an advantage over other video sharing sites and social media platforms.


Next, I want to discuss Facebook, the largest social media network globally. You have many opportunities to increase exposure for your music or brand on Facebook, which has more than 2 billion monthly users.

Facebook offers many tools and features that help users grow their online presence.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook page can be created to share your work and update you on your music career. Facebook can be used to upload videos and other content.

Although Facebook does not have a powerful search engine that can optimize your videos for SEO, it has to share features that allow people to share your videos and other content to their Facebook pages. This is where content may receive greater engagement on Facebook.

Groups on Facebook

You can also join many Facebook groups. Facebook groups allow people with similar interests to come together and discuss common topics. You can also share your content there. This will allow you to get more exposure for your content and provide valuable advice and criticism that can help you improve your craft.


Facebook offers a variety of promotional tools that can be used to promote your work. This is a great way to get your music and other projects noticed more and potentially gain more fans and followers for your content.

Instagram (Plus IGTV)

As a photosharing app, Instagram gained popularity. Instagram has over 1,000,000 users monthly as of June 2018. This is a great platform to help musicians and artists expand their reach through their content.

Instagram started as a photosharing platform. However, it has expanded to include other types of content, such as stories and short videos. The newest feature, Instagram TV, allows users to upload longer videos (most users can upload 10 minutes). Instagram has its promotion tools, similar to Facebook.


You can upload photos that reflect your personality while staying true to the roots of Instagram. Perhaps some behind-the-scenes action from projects you are working on. This is like YouTube vlogging, except that you capture the moment in still images. The photos you upload can be used to drive your Instagram followers onto other social media sites and platforms and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

Make sure to take photos that grab the attention of everyone who views your Instagram account, including potential new followers.


If you want to use Instagram, you must also upload normal Instagram videos. Normal Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds. However, they can be used as trailers or snippets of work you are currently working on. These videos can show your followers what you have to say so that they will want to see more. This allows you to drive more visitors to your main site.


Snapchat’s Stories feature was very popularized, but Instagram adopted it when they launched their Story feature on August 2, 2016. Stories became more popular because of the success of their version.

Stories can be used as quick updates on what’s happening in real-time, much like what you do on Twitter. This article will discuss Twitter later.

Videos from Instagram (IGTV).

Instagram TV is also known as IGTV. It’s an extension to the already popular Instagram app. IGTV is a vertical video format that targets mobile users. This is the only way to upload videos to the App and avoid the 60-second limit.

The current limit for most users of IGTV is 10 minutes. Some Instagram accounts can upload videos up to 60 minutes in length.


Twitter is quite different from other social media platforms we have discussed. Twitter is much faster than other social media platforms, with tweets coming and going every minute of every day.

If you are a musician/artist, it’s worth looking into. Twitter allows you to grow your social media presence. Cross-posting from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter is possible.

Likes, Retweets and Mentions

It’s all about keeping up with your followers and updating them on what you’re doing. Retweets and Likes are required for your posts to receive more views/impressions. Engaging more with the Twitter community is one way to get more likes and retweets. You can check to see which hashtags are most popular at the moment. Share with your followers what you like to tweet.

Tweeting Content (Tweets and Pictures)

You need to keep your Twitter account alive, whether you post text tweets or photos. The lifespan of a tweet depends on how many engagements it gets. Use relative hashtags when tweeting, especially if you are just getting started.

You can also tweet pictures and videos. When you post any media to your Twitter account, make sure that people will retweet it. Similar to Vine, the App owned previously by Twitter, it’s similar. Vine’s success criteria are people who can get lots of reviews (similarly to retweets). It is the same with Twitter, so keep this in mind.


Soundcloud is a great place for musicians and artists to upload their music. Although there aren’t many options for engaging with fans on Soundcloud, having a Soundcloud can help you advance your music career.

This platform is an excellent place to create a portfolio with your music. You can easily set up an account, organize your work and distribute your music directly to your fans. You will need to upload your music regularly to be more successful on Soundcloud. Engage with Soundcloud’s community in your niche music as often as possible. To increase exposure for your songs, don’t forget to share your Soundcloud links on all your social media platforms.


Have you ever heard of Drooble? Let me tell you about Drooble and how it can benefit you as a musician.

Drooble is an online social media platform for musicians. Their goal is to connect musicians and artists all over the globe so that they can share more knowledge, experience, and exposure. Everything on the platform is currently free to use. You can use their promotional tools as well as radio streaming. You can interact with other musicians and earn karma. These points can be used to purchase promotional tools.

Byte (Vine 2)

Another social media platform I want to mention is Facebook. Vine’s co-founder planned to launch a new looping application sometime in spring 2019. According to one of its co-founders, Vine, the new platform will be launched sometime in the Spring of 2019.

If Byte follows a similar approach as Vine, it would be another social platform that artists/musicians need to use to grow their careers. We’ll have to wait and watch how this new platform develops.

Last Thoughts

Artists and musicians alike need to spend more time growing their social media networks. Social media and the internet heavily influence our world. It doesn’t seem like this will change anytime soon. Promoting your music online is similar to building a brand. Whether you are solo or in a band, be professional and continue to grow your online presence.

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