Best music production software for beginners

Best music production software for beginners

Music software that is easy for beginners can help us get creative and make music for others. There are many options for music production software, also known as digital audio workstations. However, it can be hard to find the right one when you’re just starting. We narrowed our search down to 4 recommendations for beginner DAWs through extensive research and personal experience. We include 4 because we believe there are a few things we need to remember. Also, it is important to learn the right music software to allow flexibility in your future learning curves once you have become more proficient at creating music.

What is a Digital Audio Workstation?

Digital audio workstation is a fancy term for “software to create music with”. A computer program for Windows and Mac that allows users to edit, add, delete and copy sounds. You can use this program to add effects, change the pitch of audio clips and reverse.

DAWs are not something we’re unfamiliar with. We have been creating music for over 20 years and have tried almost every software available. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. To get started, you can grab free music. However, we refined our search to find more advanced solutions that are the best beginner’s software. Some music software is free, and some are paid. However, some of those that don’t offer free trials, so you can download and make music even before you finish this guide.

We are glad that you are interested in music-making. It has changed our lives, and it could be the beginning of a large part of your life that you didn’t know existed!

Best Music Software for Beginners

This is a big decision. Once you have chosen music software, we do not recommend leaving it. We believe that once you have learned about particular software, you will want to keep improving your production skills. Be patient. We remember learning Ableton Live from Sony Acid after 10 years. After that, we were frustrated after the first 10 minutes. We understand that you may have songs and ideas in your head. You want them to be incorporated into Ableton Live instantly. We know that this won’t happen immediately so we advise beginners to be patientfrustrations will happen.

Apple Garage band

Garage band’s Touch Bar shortcuts are a fun interactive feature. Touch Bar makes it easier to control your music creation. However, you will need a MacBook Pro equipped with a Touch Bar. Garage band, an Apple product, works seamlessly with other features of the laptop. This makes it easy to learn the shortcuts and hot key combinations.

FL Studio

FL Studio is not included in the purchase of a laptop. Some call it Fruity Loops, the original name. The FL Studio package includes unlimited updates for a lifetime. You won’t need to buy another software. All you have to do is update. FL Studio is a very popular music production software and has been used around the world since the early 2000s.

Ableton Live

Let’s look at another favourite music software, this one we love. We are compatible with both Mac and Windows. This software is the easiest DAW to use and navigate, especially in the past 10 years. Although it takes some time to learn all the features and modes available in this program, it’s not difficult. Ableton Live offers a different approach to arrangement and composition than the traditional DAW. One highlight is the synth that can be used to create complex sounds without the need for a keyboard. Ableton can recognize gear that you have and create melodies without having to remember them.

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