Five Things to Consider When Traveling Regionally vs. Nationally

For bands that haven’t found an audience, touring can be difficult. Bands that have yet to find an audience can struggle to connect with fans and gain good press. They also need to build important relationships with other musicians through a solid national tour. Picture an exotic destination, meeting like-minded people who have a penchant for music, and watching popular and upcoming artists performing live for you. Over the years, many festivals have enthralled music lovers across the country, and more are on their way. For some artists, sticking with shorter tours in their home region is better. Here are five things you need to consider if you are unsure whether you should tour nationally or regionally.

Your resources

A month-long tour across the country is not an option if you and your band are financially strapped. As musicians, we don’t often think about touring as risky. Touring bands have to cope with van breakdowns and equipment thefts. Your brand could be in serious trouble if they don’t have the funds to handle any issues that may arise on the road. Consider staying close to home if you don’t have the funds for a lengthy national tour.

Your music promotion

It’s probably not worth the effort to go on a national tour if you haven’t released any new music in a while. There are many opportunities to develop new music at local shows. If your brand is not doing well, it is unlikely that touring will pay you much. If you travel too often, your band could burn out. Save the long-distance national effort for when you are promoting something new.

Your strategy

Many bands begin touring without any strategy or goals for the music. If you are one of these people, get out of the van and go home. It would be best to discuss many things before you spend your time and money on the road. It would be best to consider whether you want to play in cities that listen to your music most and how far you can travel between shows. Also, what goals do you have for your music? This will help you decide if you want to tour nationally or regionally.

Your geographical location

It depends on where you are based. Regional touring might not be possible. Bands on the east coast may access many major cities, while those in the midwest might be isolated. A week-long tour is a great idea for bands living in densely populated areas. But it won’t work in other parts of the country.

The long game

Is there a bigger picture to music? Are you looking to get signed, or do you want to connect with more people? These are crucial questions when deciding whether to tour nationally or regionally. It is important to keep the long game in mind. Without big, meaningful goals, touring is not worth it. Talking about your long-term musical goals can help you decide where and how you want to tour.

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