How healthy habits can make you a better musician

Musicians have been performing and writing music for almost as long as they can remember. The music industry has always been associated with bad diets, late nights and excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. While unhealthy lifestyles can make for great television, they can also be a nightmare for musicians’ bodies. You don’t want to be a musician for the rest of your life. Bad habits can prevent you from performing and making music your passion. Although it’s not glamorous, learning to care for your body will help you be a better musician.

Practice as Much as Possible

The great idea is to try and take private music lessons online. Not only do you get to continue testing out and improving your skills, but it also helps push the experience in a fun and rewarding manner. You also find it a lot easier to learn new things. The musical field is always changing, so these music sessions can help greatly. It makes sense to enter a group class online and continue your studies. Or you can go for one on one lessons with your teacher. 

Stop glorifying self-destructive behaviours.

Many music icons in our history could drink like fishes and took every drug known to humanity for decades, and they still stand. But who is the one that the music industry doesn’t talk about? Some countless talented musicians and songwriters succumbed to addiction and other harmful habits that ruined their careers. Music can be a great way to express yourself. However, musicians will have to accept that they are mortal beings who need healthy food, sleep, and regular periods of sobriety. While it might seem normal to musicians to eat healthy food and exercise, we all have our bodies that require care.

If you want to be the best musician possible, consider whether you are forming self-destructive relationships without realizing it. Our culture is bad at glorifying depression and addiction in musicians. However, while some great musicians have made music while living the most difficult lifestyles, that doesn’t make them any less worthy of remembering. Only those who make and perform impactful music are capable of doing that.

A healthy lifestyle can improve your musicianship.

Although you might not think about it as much while playing, your body is directly tied to your musicianship. You can live on a few hours of sleep per night and have nothing but chips and beer for weeks, but your body will not be happy. When your body is not properly cared for, things such as concentration, energy, or technical prowess are affected. Neglecting your body can have serious consequences, whether you are a musician who writes mainly on a computer or a composer who uses it to write music.

This could be why you feel constantly tired after being in the music business for a while. You’ll be amazed at how much exercising, sleeping more, and eating healthy foods can make a big difference in your musicianship. It will improve your musicianship and overall health, even if you aren’t a musician who thrives only through misery.

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