How to determine your vocal range

Although each person’s voice range is unique, most vocal ranges can be grouped into 6 types: Alto, Mezzo, Soprano and Tenor. You may be wondering which type of voice you are.

Your vocal range can be described as the distance between the lowest note you can sing and the highest note you can sing. Although you may be able to reach certain notes in more than one range of vocals, it is important to find comfort when making a decision. What is the most comfortable place for your voice? Do the notes cease to sound great, even though they are still easy to squeak out? We are here to help!

Before we get into the details of each voice type, it is important to be familiar with the keyboard numbering system. Talking about notes like “the second A above the middle C” can get confusing. To help you remember, note names should be accompanied by their octave numbers on a keyboard. C4 is the middle C, the fourth C (starting at the Bass) on the keyboard.

Now that you have a better understanding of the notes let us get started on determining which voice is best for you.


The lowest singing range is the Bass, and it usually lies between E2 and E4. Some bass can sing between the lower and higher levels of their bass voices, from C2 through G4.


The baritone is the second-lowest singing range and overlaps with Tenor and Bass. The baritone range is typically A2 to A4, but it could be extended down to F2 and up to C5.

The most popular type of male voice is the baritone.


Tenors are the most powerful type of male voice and can be found between C3 and C5. Tenors have greater control over the falsetto (head voice), which allows them to reach higher notes in the female register.

Countertenors are those who sing better than the average tenor.


Alto is the lowest female voice. Although the typical alto range is F3 to F5, some can sing higher or lower than this range. People who can sing lower are called “contralto’s”, and they can often sing in a similar range to a tenor.

Altos have a similar range to mezzo-sopranos, but their voices sound richer and fuller in the lower registers than mezzos. It’s all about the comfort zone.


The mezzo-soprano voice, females’ middle-range voice, overlaps both the soprano and alto ranges. This voice typically ranges from A3 to A5.

Mezzo-sopranos often sing the same part as sopranos until there’s a three-way split between mezzos and altos.


The soprano has the highest singing voice. The range of the distinctive soprano voice is C4 to C6.

You can spend some time trying out these ranges to find where your voice feels most comfortable. For those days when your voice isn’t quite right, be sure to check out ourĀ Vocal Remedies. the 5 Best Products for Songwriters.

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