How to get more Spotify streams in 2022

11 ways you can get more Spotify streams

Fake streams are not to be trusted

Okay, don’t do that.

Buying streams or followers can make your music unpopular and result in your Spotify account being permanently disabled.

Register your Spotify for Artists account

Before doing anything else, you must first increase your overall number. Spotify streams are by becoming a Spotify artist using Spotify’s in-app artist service.

Your Spotify profile should be a focal point.

After you have claimed your Spotify artist profile, you will want to ensure you are taking full advantage of Spotify’s benefits.

Spotify profiles with high-quality artists are more likely to be heard by listeners and lead to more streams and fans.

You should have:

Utilize Spotify Pre-Save campaigns

Your release strategy is as important as the music you are putting out.

You can read it again.

You may not even have to bother if you have a great track but a poor release strategy.

Harsh, I know.

The reality is that there’s very little chance that your track will ever be heard or played by listeners.

Official Spotify playlists: Pitch

Pitching your music to Spotify’s creators to get a chance at landing on the most listened to playlists in the streaming universe is a sure-fire way to more streams.

You can also submit your music to Spotify for Artists through an easy online submission via your profile.

Make your own Spotify playlist.

Yes, it can be a great way to increase your stream count by landing on a huge, highly curated Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, it can be not easy to do.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot bypass the Spotify editorial barriers and get your music played.

Create your playlists!

Send playlists to yourself.

Spotify’s best friend is the independent curator.


Not to go on and on about playlists: some Spotify curators have playlists that have thousands of followers. They’re also much more accessible than an editorial Spotify list.

In all your marketing, include links to Spotify.

You’ll be able to think about your music release strategy if you consider it. This will include email, social media and artist websites, press releases, EPK, etc.

While that’s great, it is not enough if you want more Spotify streams. You need to ensure all marketing efforts link back to your Spotify account.

Use Spotify’s promo tools & services.

Spotify ad Studio allows artists to create Spotify ads and manage Spotify audio or video campaigns.

You can promote a new release using individually designed Spotify ads. Spotify users will hear these ads during breaks between songs on mobile and desktop.

Promote your music off-platform

The app offers many great features to help artists market their music within the app. Still, you should also continue your promotion efforts outside of the music platform, specifically on social networks.

TOP TIP Include a link to Spotify in your social media bio. No qualms. No re-routes. It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t require them to visit Instagram or load Spotify. They can scroll through 10 Spotify accounts to listen to your 2-minute single.

Always release

Last but not least, you need to ensure that you release more music on Spotify if you want to increase your Spotify streams.

Your music will be heard more often if you give your listeners reasons to return time and again.

Don’t lose sight of the most important things in your quest to maximize your stream count. Creating high-quality music that speaks to listeners, establishing genuine connections between your fans, and, most importantly, being true to your art and yourself.


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