How to Get on RapCaviar: Spotify’s Biggest Listening List

Make Spotify for Artists more attractive.

Before submitting your music via RapCaviar, ensure that your Spotify for Artists profile has the best optimization possible.

If you do not have a Spotify Artists account, it’s time to get one. This will allow you to pitch songs directly to Spotify for consideration in a playlist.

However, being a confirmed artist on Spotify makes it an instant green flag for Spotify’s editors when they look at your profile while searching for new music.

A well-optimized profile means ensuring that your profile imagery is BANGS.

Your profile will be more appealing if you have a stunning profile imageenviable background photo and impressive track artwork.

Make sure that all images are clear and well-lit

High quality

It- Exactly representative of you as an Artist

– Optimally scaled for Spotify

Bulk out your release schedule

It is a numbers game to get playlisted on a massive playlist like RapCaviar.

Let’s get to the maths, shall we?

The more records you release, the greater organic streams you will get.

The more stream you have, the greater chance that you will trigger the algorithm.

The greater chance you have to trigger this algorithm = the greater your chances of being noticed and landing on these larger Spotify playlists.

See? It’s all logical. I swear.

Instead of submitting just one hit, prepare a schedule of new music that you are ready to release. Even if you only have singles or EPs.

Be realistic about the number of tracks you can release and promote within a given time frame, not compromising quality.

Instead, be fast and efficient, do the hard work, and you’ll be noticed.

Be a Spotify activist.

Engaging with Spotify via social media shoutouts can help you get noticed, and the marketing team will pick up your music.

To be part of team Spotify is the goal. They’ll also reward you for helping to build their brand.

Oh, the corruption

Tuma said: “If you want it to Spotify, your CTA must include a Spotify link.”

Think about how your Spotify beat is being played when it comes to music promotion.

Are you…

– Linking to your Spotify artist page on your website?

– Share your Spotify artist page on all social media platforms.

Include a link to your Spotify artist page within your occasional email newsletter to your followers?

You have pom-poms on hand.

Get in touch with your inner sound.

Another way to get your music heard is to find your niche – CaviarRap.

There are more than 100 sub-genres of hip hop. It’s crucial to understand where you fall on the spectrum.

Spotify can now segment your music to a specific genre. This will make it easier to access the micro-genres on the platform. These bad boys are your final destination.

Think about your musical style and find other artists with whom you would be most comfortable.

This will help you pitch independent curators in your niche. You will have a greater chance of being considered for their playlist if you can describe your music and your lane.

Start by landing on smaller niche lists. Your chances of being placed on a macro-list like RapCaviar will be 10x greater.


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