How to Make a Music Video that is Epic on a Limited Budget

I can see what you are thinking. Is it possible to make a music video worth $10,000 plus that will blow your DIY home movie apart?

It will, nine times out of ten.

However, the purpose of making a piece of low-budget video music and uploading it to YouTube or Vevo is more than just getting tons of views. It’s also a way to showcase you and your music, strengthen its meaning and connect with your fans on an artistic and visionary level.

With so many music videos that are high-production and billboard-style, it could be not easy to create a low-budget video.

This leads us to our first and most important point.

Do it yourself!

A music video that attempts too hard to appear professional fails completely is undoubtedly the worst.

If you have a limited budget, it’s unlikely that you will have the tools and equipment necessary to produce a high-quality video.

We say do the reverse. This means that you should make the low-production part of your video deliberate.

OK Go’s the video for “Here It Goes Again” is one of the most famous examples.

This is the ultimate video with no frills. This video features a group of men dancing on a few treadmills with a backdrop made of aluminium foil that looks almost handmade.

It works, you know that! It works well.

This music video is a work of art because it has simplicity and creativity. It’s entertaining and viewing-wise; it’s high-quality because it’s not pretended to be.

It’s fair to mention that the aesthetic of your video will depend on what image you want it to project or the message you wish to convey about your music. It’s a great way to go if you want to make a low-cost video.

Being honest and unique is the point. A music video does not have to look expensive to be appealing to people. Instead, emphasize the fact that it isn’t. Rinse it!

Get organized

A music video is a huge project. Successful and efficient project management is essential.

Also, get your ducks in order before shoot day.

Do you choreograph a dance routine for your students? Are you putting together a list of the equipment that you will need? Are you looking for a particular prop or costume to help you execute your video’s overall idea?

Practice and preparation are the keys. Your shoot will be chaotic without these.

It’s also a good idea to discuss everyone’s participation before the shoot. Who will do the final edit? Who is responsible for costume changes? Who will be driving everyone to the shooting location? While roles can change throughout the process, it is still important to have a rough idea of where everyone stands before the big day.

While you might not be aiming for the lowest possible price or even free, it is worth creating and sticking to a budget plan if you have some spare cash.

This will allow you to refer to it whenever you need to purchase a tool or equipment. Lighting, location, props and camera equipment are all important.

Invite friends and other creative people to join you

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on professional videographers and actors.

You can get a few of your best friends and creative colleagues to help you accomplish the task!

You can often recruit people you know to act as extras or actors in the video’s story.

It can be very cost-effective to get people you know involved in the project. Have a friend with editing skills and a video camera? Ideal.

Perhaps you know someone in a wealthy neighbourhood that would be willing to lend their house for you to film in. It’s possible, I assure you.

This was the core of Lil Dicky’s cost-cutting strategy to produce his video for “$ave Dat Money”. This is a perfect fit for the song’s overall theme, which is to thrift cash.


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