How to Make Your Music Go Viral

I am thrilled to share how my songs have received over 100 views and listen. This has opened up many doors and allowed me to meet new clients.

In a month, I had over 100k views and a few hundred views.

This guide will reveal my secrets and show you how I do it step-by-step.

Keep in mind that there is no magic bullet. It takes creativity and hard work. This will help you get there faster than I did.

These are ways to make your song viral:


Shareworthy music is the first step in making your music viral. It would help if you made it share-worthy or had a media component that appeals directly to your audience.

Old Town Road was a song by Lil Nas X that went viral, and it helped to propel his music career. Although he had an original song because he mixed trap and country, it wouldn’t be enough to release the song.

Before the song took off, Lil Nas X created about 100 memes that featured his song as the background. A Tik-Tok influencer noticed one of the memes, and the whole world was aware of it.

You need to be creative. What is the topic everyone is talking about in the media right now? You can leverage this with your creation.


Nobody knows you when you start. One thing you will know is that other musicians have influenced your music. It is important to research the music of artists similar to you and find the ones that inspire you. Draw a profile of the commonalities among them. Are they in the same age group? Are they at school or work? Are they married or single? Etc.

You can find all of this information on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Data is power… keep that in mind. Your content will allow you to connect with your fans and help them find you.


Realize your vulnerabilities and strengths. Be honest about your failures, strengths, struggles, and joy. People are drawn to people and not objects. You can build a relationship with your audience by showing your humanity.

This is something that I struggle with, to be completely honest. It is difficult for me to share my vulnerability on social media. I believe this has helped my growth. The times that I spoke directly to my iPhone camera and put myself out there on my Instagram stories resulted in the most engagement.


You have the Internet to connect with many people who can help you reach your goals. You have access to me because you are reading this. You and I are connected! You can also come and record a song or send me a mix to master anywhere.

It’s amazing when you consider it. Most people don’t use the Internet for their personal growth. They spend hours on Netflix or watching funny prank videos.

Social media is where all the musicians, music label execs, business owners, and songwriters are! Reach out to them. You can connect with them by creating a LinkedIn account.

As an example, you can see mine here. LinkedIn and other social media platforms allow you to find playlist curators and many people within the industry who can help you accelerate your growth. There are many opportunities.


All of this can be done while still having your mom listen to your music. Although I may be exaggerating, digital marketing is essential to ignite the flames.

You already know what I am talking about.

Those ads are everywhere you look on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. To make your ads viral, you must identify the people who can relate to your brand. Once you know your target market, you can target them online using that information.


It will instantly impact your overall success if you put all your energy into the endgame (the big ones).

It is like imagining you will win the lottery by focusing on the outcome. When the outcome isn’t what you had hoped, it becomes difficult to focus on the details.

This type of thinking is exemplified by the dream of being in Rolling Stone but neglecting the many publications willing to sign you and help your success.

You must take many steps to reach your ultimate goal/endgame. Focus on these steps, and you will be successful.


Focus on making money from your music. Before you look for an income, focus on building a following and fan base on different platforms.

Your popularity will increase, and your sales will rise.


Fans love to be contacted directly by singers and bands. Your fans/followers should be rewarded regularly. This will let them know how much you care and show them that you are willing to go above and beyond for them. It will make them feel valued and appreciated.

You can reward your fans by emailing them, giving them digital copies of your albums for free, or setting up a meet-and-greet with some lucky fans.

This strategy will generate loyal fans for you, but it will also create word-of-mouth advertising for your album/songs.


Make sure you keep track of all connections in a Microsoft Excel Document.

It should include the names and roles of family, friends, bloggers, fans, etc. You should also include the email IDs of all people you know who can be reached when new songs/albums are released. Keep them informed about everything important in your professional life.

This will increase your song’s reach as your connections can share your news with their friends and followers. Keep updating your list. Notify every person you meet and add them to your list.


Finding new fans is the best way to make your music viral. Collaborations with other artists expose your songs to their fans, thereby increasing your following immediately.

When you collaborate with someone, make sure your social media accounts and websites are tagged and mentioned. This is the best way for organic followers to be generated so that you don’t need to pay.


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