How to Prevent Things from Going Wrong on Tour

Something can go wrong while on tour. This statement may sound cynical, but it can help you prepare for any possible disaster while on tour. Disasters can be anything from your van breaking down or your show being cancelled, but not actual disasters such as a meteor striking the venue just as you take the stage.

While it is possible to prepare for the worst, this tactic can help you save money and frustration when sharing your music on the road. However, many musicians struggle to see the future. Let’s look at some of the most common problems that could occur on tour to help you see the bigger picture.

Stolen instruments/equipment

Bands often have their gear was stolen on the road, which can be quite tragic. This has been a problem in some music scenes because thieves are known to target trailers left outside venues. A band can easily lose thousands of dollars worth of instruments and equipment in minutes and have to stop their tour before it ends.

To limit the chances of this happening, musicians can do a few things. Do your research before your book shows. Review sites, message boards and other forums can help you find out what people think about the venues you are interested in playing. You might consider paying extra to park in a secure lot. If you park on the street, make sure your belongings are not visible or vulnerable.

Problems with your vehicle

You could be in for serious problems if you rent an old van and take it on a month-long tour. Tours can be very hard on cars because of the amount of driving involved. While most people consider their cars part of daily life, serious musicians cannot afford to do that. For good vehicle tour preparation, all the boring, basic maintenance stuff you were taught by your parents when you learned to drive comes into play: oil changes, tire pressure, etc. Backup plans are good for long trips, but they also help with any potential problems that might arise.


Many new or small bands embark on massive tours, hoping to be stars. However, they find that their shows are sparsely attended and that their wallets are thin after a few dates. Even for the most successful artists, touring is a huge risk. Smaller acts can often face serious problems on the road. The fact that touring is meaningful requires a lot of investment and doesn’t pay much back is one of the biggest hurdles. Planning is a great way to avoid major financial problems while on tour. What number of people can you bring to a new city that you don’t know? How much money is needed to break even each night? These are the questions you should ask yourself before going to your first show.

Wondering how to manage an event successfully? When it comes to event planning gone wrong, the root of the problem is usually poor preparation. So planning for every eventuality is crucial using the above list of event planning problems and solutions.

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