How to write a music bio: A guide for bands and artists

Although it might seem easy to write an artist’s bio, it is worth the effort and time spent thinking about how you will use it again and again.

Your bio as an artist or band member is often the first thing that fans and press contacts will see about you. It’s crucial to present yourself professionally.

Your music is the most important thing, but your bio can make a great first impression. You can do this in a press release or on your Spotify profile.

Let’s now discuss how to create the perfect artist biography.

How to write a bio for musicians

Use Social Proof

Social Proof can distinguish between a great bio and a boring one. What is Social Proof?

In layman’s terms, social Proof is the psychological principle that people follow the actions of others to believe that they are right.

Positive quotes and features from journalists, bloggers or influencers could make up the Social Proof. This could be your social media followers, awards won, or accomplishments you have. Anything that demonstrates your current popularity.

You can directly influence the way people take you as an artist by demonstrating a fan base and your success.

Tell Your Story

A compelling story can make people feel more connected to your music and help them engage with it. Your story can be broken down into three parts:

– Where are you from?

– When you began making music

– Where are you now?

Don’t make your story a lengthy essay. Keep your bio short and to the point.

The music matters most.

It’s great to tell your life story, but it comes down ultimately to the music.

Although great music is a powerful statement, it’s important to be as descriptive as possible about your sound so that anyone reading your bio has a clear idea of what to expect.

Be sure to describe how you fit into the genre or genres, and talk about key instruments (is your track vocal-driven or guitar-driven). You might also want to list any comparisons with other artists with similar sounds.

Take into account the reader.

Multiple uses for musician bios are possible. The bio you post on Spotify should not be the same as the one you use in a press release or on your music Wikipedia Page.

It would be best to tailor your press bio to make it as simple as possible for the journalist on the receiving end. 

This is a great test for your press release bio. A journalist could copy your entire bio and publish it as an article. To save time, many journos do this.

Please keep it simple

Your bio should be concise and easy to read. A bio should be no more than two to three paragraphs long and between 200-300 words in total.

The first sentence is the most important. Summarize the most important points within the first 20-30 words. What would be your best description of yourself?

Don’t write long sentences. Keep the reader engaged with your message.

Keep the above advice in mind. Here’s a quick overview of how to structure your bio.

Introduction Summarize yourself and your music in one sentence.

Your Music: Genres, instrumentation, comparisons, etc.

Your Story: From where you started to where you are now.

Social Proof Achievements, quotes, social following, and

You can change the order of the structure depending on what message you wish to convey at the end or beginning of your bio. It’s your music, and you know it better than anyone.

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