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It isn’t easy to get your music heard. It’s even more difficult to get your music heard by the right people. It’s hard to find the right place to go when journalists, bloggers, and other industry leaders complain about bands sending unwelcome PR emails.

We have created this blog post to provide information and links to blogs and influential websites that accept emails and welcome them.

Before you begin emailing, let me warn you. Sending a group email is a bad idea. Although it may save time, putting all of these addresses in a BCC field and sending out a group email will cause more damage than good. Spend time going through each site, looking for similarities and identifying what Music they like. Don’t contact a hip-hop blog if you are a sensitive singer-songwriter who sings over an acoustic instrument. Look at their most recent articles on Twitter and try to find common ground with your Music.

Start now and submit your Music to the blogs below…

A&R Factory

A&R Factory is a music blog popular with many readers, including record label owners and publishers, radio stations, PR executives and managers, and sync licensing companies from around the world.

IndiePulse Music Magazine

IndiePulse Music Magazine promotes independent Music and features news, interviews, reviews, and video. IndiePulse offers artists a platform to be heard via its online radio station IPM Radio.


HighClouds is described as the “Music Junkies Holy Bible”. The site was originally an online radio station. It now focuses on EP and album reviews for emerging artists across all genres.

Xune Mag

Xune Mag welcomes submissions from artists and bands of all genres. This allows emerging musicians to be interviewed, reviewed and added to playlists.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Music Shuffle consists of a diverse group passionate about new Music. They won’t leave bad reviews. Everything they review is good and worth your time.

Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard is a music blog that features reviews, interviews, samples, sessions, and mp3 samples. You can submit any type of Music, and it will cover contemporary sounds such as the vintage garage, folk, country soul, soul, funk and R&B.

Country Fried Rock

Country Fried Rock is a weekly radio show that features the best off-the-radar musicians talking about and playing the music they love.

Sound of drowning

Drowned in Sound keeps you informed with music news, reviews and community posts. The site compiles around 15 album reviews per week from submissions from unsigned artists.

Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons & Planes, a music discovery blog, is the best place to find great new music from all over the globe.

Reyt Good Magazine

RGM specializes in helping artists/bands grow through honest reviews and artist feedback. They create original content every day and are eager to collaborate with bands and artists to support their next release.


Sidekick music is a leading network for Electronic Music, with a passion for Indie & Nu Disco. Sidekick is dedicated to creating a platform for artists and their music that stands out.

Framed Network Music

Framed Music reviews electronic dance music and writes blogs. They cover electronic Music from deep house to electronic pop to progressive house to low-tempo Music.


The Hammarica network comprises more than 40 dance music websites, each with its sub-niches and unique editorial twist. Hammarica promotes acts with a story and levels the playing field for electronic musicians.

24 Hip-Hop

24 Hip Hop is an online platform that highlights new hip-hop/contemporary songs, videos, and content every day. They feature the Music of outstanding artists from the rapidly growing hip-hop industry worldwide.

Hip Hop Indie Music

Hip Hop Indie Music promises to be an uprising platform supporting rising musicians. This music network is always looking for new hip-hop or rap indie members.

Ride Music

RIDE, an underground music and culture blog located in the UK, is. RIDE aims to highlight alternative hip-hop, rap and grime, and drill and all things in between. RIDE is a platform that showcases artists who challenge the norm, break with the status quo and push the culture forward.


FUXWITHIT has been a pillar in the music community. They are Champions Of The Underground and constantly work to discover new sounds and artists. You can expect to hear everything, from trap and bass to rap, future beats, and more.

Urban Vault

Urban Vault provides the best multi-genre underground music and events, apparel, interviews, and apparel from all over the globe. Urban Vault is regularly updated with new and relevant content.

Emerging Indie Bands

Emerging Indie Bands is dedicated to showcasing the best independent musicians across the globe and reviewing and promoting hundreds more.


FACT is a well-respected website that features some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists. They have offices in the UK and USA and an online TV channel.

King of A&R

Kings A&R provides information and resources for music lovers looking to find new Music. You can submit Music to the site from any band or artist.

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