Music stands – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Many tools are extremely helpful for musicians regardless of their skill level. However, you don’t want to spend money on something you won’t use enough to make it worthwhile if you are like me. A Music Stand is something that I think every musician can benefit from. Music stands are a must-have tool for musicians because you can use them during practice sessions, gigs and even recording sessions.

A music stand is a great investment that will simplify your life as an artist and make it worth the cost.

Why should you buy a music stand?

It will make your life as a musician easier, and you’ll find many uses to make it worth the small investment.

Sessions for Practice

A music stand can make practicing sessions much easier for musicians. You can use it to organize your music sheets and make it easier to focus on your instrument.

It won’t be a problem to lay your music sheets on a table or to try to hold your phone/tablet so that it can stand upright in a way that allows you to see it. Your practice sessions will be more efficient, and you’ll face fewer problems.

Use Music Stands for Gigs

While it would be great to have all your music memorized for gigs, there are times when it is not possible. Perhaps you were asked to perform at a gig with specific music you hadn’t practiced. If you are asked to play background music at an event or venue, it might be not easy to have hours’ worth of music on hand.

Music stands can also help these situations. A music stand can be used to store your music and lyrics sheets if you have limited time and don’t have the time. A gig offer doesn’t mean you have to decline it because you don’t have the time or patience to memorize them all.

Music stands during recording sessions.

A music stand is a great tool to have at your recording sessions. Many recording studios have music stands available for you to use. However, it might not be available in your home as a music studio.

Recording sessions can be stressful as you try to get the best recordings.

Home recording was often frustrating because I had forgotten the lyrics or the chord changes in a song. Music stands allowed me to concentrate more on recording a quality take and less on scrolling through my tablet or phone for lyrics and chords.

Even if you are at your home recording studio, time is money. I certainly saved a lot of my time by using a music stand.

Heavy Duty Music Stands

Let’s get to it, shall we? First, let’s discuss heavy-duty music stands. A shortlist of reliable, durable and high-quality music stands has been compiled that every musician can afford.

Aluminum Lightweight Desk

The best thing about this desk is its lightweight.

There’s no need to be concerned about a heavy pile of music sheets or a large music book collapsing on your music stand.

This black texture helps to prevent scratches and chipping. It is a great choice for those concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their music stands in the long term.

Automatic No-Knob Friction Neck

The desk can be tilted in any direction you like, while the tension provided by the no-knob friction tilt neck keeps it held. This is a great feature, especially if your music stands are constantly adjusted in different environments.

This music stand will automatically adjust to your needs without the need to unwind knobs.

It will last a long time.

It is a durable, long-lasting music stand.

Many have said that their Manhasset Music Stands last them for many years and that the newer models are as good as the ones they had before.

Final Verdict

This music stand is excellent quality and will last a lifetime, even with regular use.

The Manhasset #48 Model Music Stand can be used in any situation. It is especially useful if you intend to use it as a stationary stand. This stand is ideal for those who have their home studio.

This is not the best option if you are looking for a portable music stand. It is heavier than other stands, and it doesn’t have many portability features.

Keep reading as we discuss more portable music stands for musicians looking to be mobile with their music stands.

Keep these things in mind.

It is not the most portable stand on the market, but I’m willing to admit it. If you intend to take the music stand with you on your trip, it may be necessary to disassemble the unit. You can still take this music stand on your trip without having to disassemble it. Just make sure that you have enough space before packing it.

This particular music stand will need to be assembled before being used.


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