Musicians: The Ultimate InstagramTV (IGTV), Guide

Instagram TV (IGTV) is a new social media platform that allows users to upload videos online. This could allow them to reach many people via the app. Although the new vertical video format of IGTV might not be suitable for all content types, it could prove to be the next big thing in social media for musicians.

You should use the internet to help musicians build their careers. Let’s take IGTV as an example.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about IGTV and how it can help musicians build their careers.

Formatting Your Video For IGTV

Let’s start with how to format your videos for IGTV.

Vertical videos will be the main focus of IGTV’s video format. Your target audience is smartphone users accessing IGTV via their smartphones.

Let’s look at how to format your videos:

  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video Length: Minimum 15 seconds up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Keep in mind that only larger verified accounts have access to the 60-minute upload limit. Instagram promises that it will allow users with a 60-minute upload limit to continue using the platform in the future.
  • Video Size Videos under 10 minutes should not exceed 655MB. Videos that last 60 minutes or more should not exceed 3.6GB.
  • Orientation Videos should be shot in Vertical. Also known as Portrait.
  • Minimum of 4:5. A 9:16 aspect ratio is recommended for best results.

Remember that IGTV videos are most likely to be viewed on a smartphone’s screen, so make sure you tailor your videos for that audience.

Filming Your Video in Vertical

There are several ways to approach vertical filming. You can create a beautiful vertical video using your smartphone or your DSLR Camera.

Let’s discuss some ways to film for EVDTV.

DSLR/Video Cameras

We usually shoot videos horizontally with our DSLR/Video Cameras. Many musicians upload their videos to YouTube using the 16:9 aspect ratio of YouTube’s video player.

You can upload a full HD video to YouTube by editing it in 1080p resolution with a 1920×1080 aspect ratio.

Horizontal filming with your camera allows you to edit your videos to YouTube’s format easily. However, it’s a different story with IGTV.

Flip Your Camera Sideways

It’s as simple as flipping your camera upside down to film for an IGTV video. You can film vertically, making it easier to edit your photos in post-production.

This technique is great if you only plan to upload videos to IGTV. However, if your goal is to upload the same video on YouTube, it might not work as well.

It’s highly recommended that musicians upload to YouTube if they are trying to make a career out of music online.

Upload your IGTV video

You have 2 options to upload your videos to IGTV.

Upload to IGTV from Your Computer

Instagram allows users to upload their IGTV videos directly from their computers. Users can upload their videos to IGTV much faster and easier if they use video editing software on computers.

  • You can access your Instagram account from your computer via their main website.
  • Click on the IGTV button from your profile page.
  • Click the Upload button
  • Drag the video file to the upload screen
  • Edit your title and description
  • Add a custom thumbnail

It’s so simple, and it has saved me many headaches from uploading videos to Instagram.

Upload to IGTV from Your Smartphone

You can also upload your IGTV videos via the traditional method, such as through the Instagram app on the smartphone.

However, this process is more involved than uploading via your computer.

  • Email your IGTV video file (Google Drive) to your phone
  • You can also send your edited thumbnails to your phone via email
  • Save your video and your thumbnail to your phone
  • You can access the IGTV tab of Instagram or the Standalone IGTV App.
  • Click on the Upload button to go to your profile
  • Edit the title, description
  • Your custom thumbnail

These are the two ways you can upload your videos to IGTV. It may be simpler to upload your videos directly from your phone if you intend on creating all your videos on your smartphone. If you do a lot of editing on your computer, the computer uploading method is best.

Creating your IGTV Thumbnail

IGTV allows you to add a thumbnail to your video. Make sure your thumbnail is attractive enough to grab someone’s attention and give a preview of the content of your video.

Editing your thumbnail

I use Photoshop to edit my thumbnails for YouTube or IGTV videos.

Set your aspect ratio for a Photoshop project to 9:16 (900×1600).

Musicians should make IGTV videos of different types.

First, I’d like to discuss what type of videos musicians should make for their IGTV channels.

It can be difficult for musicians with no video production experience. But don’t worry. We’ll make it easy to understand.

Vertical Music Videos

As we have discussed, vertical videos will be IGTV’s main content focus.

Vertical Music Videos are a new type of music video. This will be the next standard in music videos. It’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible.

A new way to make music videos

This is an innovative way to share a music video online. Vertical video format on IGTV encourages video creators and editors to be more creative with creating their videos.

This is a new field for content creators, especially musicians. You have a greater chance of succeeding on IGTV’s video platform if you work with it. The platform is still in its early stages, so there are more chances to make videos that stand out.

Live Recordings (Originals & Covers)

It has been a tradition to record yourself singing or playing an instrument, and IGTV is another way to share these videos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re performing cover songs of your favorite songs or your original work. Having another platform to share your videos is a great advantage for musicians trying to build their online careers.

It’s easy to make videos.

These videos are easier than creating a music video. This could be done by using a microphone and camera and synchronizing audio and video.

This is an easy approach that anyone can follow without any formal training. You can upload content to this platform as long as you have musical talent and know-how to use your phone to record videos.

Equipment that could help you film videos on your smartphone


If you plan to venture into video production, a tripod is a great idea. A tripod will allow you to stabilize your shots and make it much easier to set up for live video recording sessions.

The Magnus VR 300 Video Tripod is my personal favorite. I love the quality and features this Magnus tripod has. A durable tripod that offers excellent features was a selling point for me.

Mount for cell phone tripod

A cellphone tripod mount is required to use your tripod with your phone. You can attach your smartphone to your tripod using a cellphone mount, just as any other camera. These mounts are not very expensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot.

If you intend to take videos with your smartphone, a tripod mount such as the DaVoice cell phone mount adapter is a great investment.

Directional microphones for smartphones

The Rode VideMic Me is a great choice if you want to increase the quality of your recordings on your smartphone. A dedicated microphone that can be used with your smartphone will improve the quality of your live recordings.

This will give your videos an edge over the rest and add quality.

This microphone can be used to cancel out background noises in your videos. The direction that the microphone is pointed to will determine which sound is being recorded.

It is easy to set up and use. You’ll also get better audio quality for your videos. This is a huge plus for musicians who want to create these videos for their IGTV channel.

Song Recordings (Streaming).

Song recordings are another type of video that can be uploaded to IGTV.

You don’t need to record any video; you’re primarily focusing on getting your music heard. What does this mean?

IGTV is a video-sharing platform. We will still need to upload your music as a file. These videos won’t take as much time to create, and you will have your music heard online.

While I don’t think IGTV will be the best place to stream music, it is another place to upload your work online.

Vlog Style Videos

You can also make vlog-style videos on IGTV. These videos can help you connect with your audience. This allows you to tell your audience more about yourself.

It is crucial to have a personal relationship with your followers/audience. It is important to establish a connection with your followers and even potential fans online to benefit your music career.

Behind the Scenes Footage

It is possible to show behind-the-scenes footage of your projects to your followers. You could show behind-the-scenes footage from your music video shoot, recording session, or live performances.

This allows you to be more authentic with your followers and provide more content.

How to promote your IGTV videos

You have many options to promote your IGTV videos online.

Promote IGTV Video in Your Instagram Story

Instagram has released a new feature that allows you to share a link from your IGTV video in your Instagram story.

Originally, Instagram Stories only allowed users with a larger following to share links. Anyone can now use their stories to promote their IGTV videos.

You can share a preview of an IGTV video on Instagram stories. To increase the reach of your story, you can use a hashtag or a location button.

Instagram Posts (Pictures & Videos)

Keep in mind that IGTV is connected to your Instagram account. This means that any audience you have built on Instagram is also connected to your IGTV channel.

It’s just a preview of your entire video on your IGTV channel, just like the Instagram Story.

You should always check your Instagram insights before you post so that you can post at the best times.

Share your video on other social media platforms.

You can also promote your IGTV videos using your other social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)

IGTV allows you to share the link to your video on other websites and social media platforms. This can help you get more attention for your IGTV videos and connect your social media platforms.

Make sure you upload at the right time.

Although you can promote as many videos as you like, the timing of your uploads will determine the success of your IGTV videos. Your insights will help you plan when your uploads should be published to reach the most people.

Online Music Career Development

Online is the future of music careers.

IGTV is one of many online platforms where musicians can build a career.

There are so many opportunities available online today. It’s up to you to make the most of them. Already thousands of musicians are sharing their music online.

It can be competitive, so that I will offer some final words of advice.

Creativity will outshine the average.

These words will help you to make a career out of music online. Creativity will surpass the average.

Creative space is competitive. With the internet, anyone can upload their work of art. All of us tend to copy what is successful.

Never be afraid to think outside the box. Try to add your twist to something someone else is doing.

As you develop as an artist/musician, be original and never stop innovating.

Continue to put in work.

Consistency is the key to success, almost always what people say.

Although a single video or song could make someone famous, its chances of going viral online are slim. You have more chances of being found if you post more content on multiple platforms.

It’s impossible to predict which song or video will become your biggest hit, but you won’t be able to do it if you don’t have any work.

Always be ready to adapt.

Online life is constantly changing. The entire world is constantly changing. The ones who can adapt to these changes will make it to the top.

You should always be open to changes if you choose to concentrate your efforts on IGTV. Pay attention to the trends and what others are doing. It’s important to understand when it is time for you to make changes. Last but not least, you will learn how to make changes while remaining true to yourself.

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening online so that you are ready for whatever may occur next.

Last Thoughts

This is my ultimate IGTV guide to any musician looking to expand their online music career.

IGTV is one of many platforms that allows musicians and artists to grow in their careers and themselves.

The possibilities for discovery have changed thanks to the internet dramatically. It’s up to each individual to make the most of these opportunities. These tips will help you create more content, regardless of whether you intend to use IGTV to propel your music career higher or if you are using it to supplement your online career.

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