Six Ways to Get Paid for Your Music

It is becoming harder to get paid for music in the digital age. Here are some ways you can make money with your music.

Join a Collection Society

The artist responsible for the music is paid every time you hear it in a lift. The artist responsible for the music is paid every time you shop and listen to it in the background.

Music is heard everywhere. Artists should be involved in organizations that pay royalties.

Placements / Syncs

Placements, also known as syncs, are music used in media such as TV, movies, commercials and video games. Music supervisors and placement agents arrange placements. They use sound libraries to find the music they need for their projects.

Versus Media is a good place to start with syncs. You can connect with smaller TV or film projects that require music, and it’s completely free to join. Pump Audio can also be used for placements. To get ‘green-lighted’, submit two tracks and upload the rest to their library.

Invest in yourself

It takes money to make it, as they say. To promote yourself, you will need some capital. This includes printing records, making t-shirts and so on. Your music is the most important thing to invest in. Make sure your music sounds great before you try to promote it.

Make sure you invest in professional recording, mixing, and mastering. Your music must sound great in every playback situation. You will have to spend more money to convince people that your music is of good quality. Bad music is not something anyone wants to hear.

Use YouTube Content ID

YouTube is the number one music streaming site, regardless of your opinions. YouTube receives many views each day, so it’s a platform that should not be overlooked.

YouTube could pay you for your music. YouTube uses ContentID to locate exactly where your song is used on YouTube. If the system finds your music and you are the copyright owner, you can choose to make money by placing ads on the video. Even if you didn’t upload the video, you could get paid for the song’s use.

Create Merchandise

Whether t-shirts or posters, selling merch is a great way to make money.

Digital art is lacking in the same way it used to be available on platforms like CDs and pieces of vinyl. If you want your fans to have something authentic that comes directly from the artist, give them the option. You don’t even have to meet the artist in person. Websites such as BigCartel and Bandcamp provide artists with the tools to make their merchandise easy to sell.


The most valuable currency in music is not money. It’s the fandom. It is hard work, but it will pay off. Nurturing super fans can be difficult. This means that you must be a person first and an aspiring musician second. Super-fans love your music and will support you in every way possible, so it is logical to try to tap into that! Be there for your fans when they call. Real, authentic fan/artist relationships are the best for DIY music promotion. These relationships can be built.

As you earn money for your music, you can reinvest in it. You should only have access to this fund when necessary. To grow your project, save money and make wise use of it.

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