The Finer Things In Life Why is high end audio worth it?

The finer things in life… it’s a phrase we hear a lot, but it’s hard to assign meaning to such an intentionally ambiguous group of words. It’s a sentence that carries different meaning depending on who speaks it. And it asks us some important questions – what do we value? What’s the thing that we’ll always make time for, always find money for, and always be chasing?

High end audio is an oft misunderstood indulgence. If you’re not an audiophile, you’re unlikely to comprehend the expense nor the lengths that we, as audiophiles, will go to to achieve the bliss that is ‘perfect sound’.

As a company, Naim Audio’s pursuit of ‘perfect sound’ has been the catalyst for some of the best experiences imaginable. Naim was born in the 70’s out of a dissatisfaction with the quality of sound offered by the market leaders of the time. After a few attempts at changing the way people consumed sound in music and film, Naim’s iconic NAP 250 amplifier was set loose upon the world, and the game was changed forever. In fact, its basic circuit layout was shared by all Naim’s amplifiers until the introduction of the flagship NAP500 in 2000, such was its quality.

High-end audio products tend to be designed with painstaking attention to every minute detail – every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.

It can be difficult to assign logic to why we spend our resources chasing ‘the finer things in life’. For Audiophiles, as an example, our aural sense is the most powerful and emotive sense we have. We attach music to emotions every time we hit play on a song. A breakup, a wedding, a funeral, a road trip; in our mind these experiences live as simple line-sketches. The music which accompanies these moments adds colour to the sketches. It animates them, and gives them depth. We want these colours to be crisp and vibrant, not dull and bleak.

So if you’re asking yourself, “what are the finer things in my life?”, look for the rose tinted lens through which you experience the everyday; the mundane; the devastating and the jubilant.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, these lenses are simple and low-cost things, like exercise or ice cream. But audiophiles aren’t that lucky. Take Naim’s Statement as an example. At $355,000 a pop, this is only a realistic option for a very small percentage of music lovers. But quality doesn’t have to be exclusive. Naim’s home audio systems start at a much more affordable $1,299, so you’re guaranteed to find something that adds the rose tint to your world.

We think you should find a way to colour your day to day life with the most vibrant and beautiful colours you can find. Work out what ‘the finer things in life’ means to you, and embrace it. If you’re like us, it’s high end audio and the pursuit of sonic perfection. And we wouldn’t change it for the world.

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