These are some money-making busking tips.

Busking is a great way to have fun, make music, and meet new people. You can make a lot of money by busking. If you’re lucky enough to find the right spot, a few hours of daily hustle could bring in enough tips to sustain you full-time. It can also be a side hustle for magicians and musicians.

Be different

How many buskers are you familiar with who sing with an acoustic instrument? There are probably a lot. These are the most popular type of buskers. It isn’t easy to stand out among the crowd. It’s hard to stand out if you play the same Beatles songs as everyone else (or, God forbid, Wonderwall). You might be able to play an unusual instrument and bring it out instead of a guitar. Most people can play any instrument other than a guitar. Learn some new material. Jazz standards from the 20s, 30s and 40s can be great. So can rock and blues songs of the 50s.

Know Your Audience

You’ll find many buskers as you walk around Dublin, Ireland. Many will be singing and playing Irish music. They are aware that tourists travel from all parts of the globe to experience Irish culture. You could play any music, but Irish music is the best, especially in touristy areas.

Yes, I realize that I said: “be different” and not copy what others do. There may be a reason everyone else is doing it. People in New Orleans want to hear jazz. People will seek country music in Nashville. Although you may not be living in a tourist spot, think about the music people listen to around you and how they interact with it.

Smiling and Saying Thank You

Thank them profusely if someone places a $20 bill in your case. Thank them profusely if someone places a penny in your case. No matter how much money someone puts in, make sure you at least make eye contact. Smile and say “thanks” if you can.

Social animals are people. People around us are our social models. Everyone around us is influenced by the actions of one person who puts money in. They don’t see the denomination of the coin or bill. They only see someone putting something into your wallet and your reaction. They will feel more comfortable reaching for their wallet to get a few bills if you’re grateful and gracious.

Selling Something?

You should check the local regulations as some areas prohibit it. Most areas have restrictions on selling any item, but some cities allow musicians to sell CDs. Selling CDs and other items can make you a lot of money if they are legal.

It is easy to understand why. You might get $1-2 from someone who tips you. You can make 5-10 times more money selling a CD for $10 than selling a CD to the same person. They will remember you with this CD, which is even more important. They will recognize you if you play a gig in the local area. They’ll recognize you if they see you on the street. One father bought a CD from me for his children at a farmer’s market that I used to run. After that, they’d stop by each week to listen and maybe drop a few dollars in my wallet. I probably made $100 from that one CD sale over a whole year.

You can either remove or hide the small change.

People take cues from the people around them, as I have mentioned. This is especially evident when it comes time to tip your busker. People will subconsciously be influenced by what they have already received. There is no set amount that a busker should tip. It makes it appear that everyone is giving small change so that you can have a lot of small change. Then comes the shower of pennies, nickels and pennies.

While it’s okay to keep some change in your bag, larger denomination bills and coins should be prominent. The “suggested contribution” sign is what’s already in your bag. You can take your pocket money out now and again to let people know.

Reduce the volume

Every busker with an amp seems to turn into Nigel Tufnel in the streets. It’s wonderful to be heard above the city noise. It’s not great to have your ears blown as you walk by. It could mean the difference between walking by the horrible noise and stopping to listen.

No matter how great your busking skills, people 500 feet away won’t give tips. They can’t physically do it. Why should they have to hear your music? This is especially true if you have to stand near your amp (or where your tip jar), and it makes your life miserable.

Take a look around and determine your space. Consider how far your audience is from you. Next, you should keep your volume at an acceptable level for those who are far away. Your audience, as well as the other street people, will appreciate your efforts.

Prepare and Play to Your Strengths

Unprepared buskers are all I hear. They sing songs that they don’t know or can’t play. They use instruments they don’t know how to use. It’s something I have done. Although it can be exciting to try new things, it will not necessarily make you rich.

If you plan to busk, you have to be honest with yourself. You don’t necessarily have to be Freddie Mercury or Jimi Hendrix to busk on a street corner. You don’t want your busker act to become a nuisance.

Record yourself while you practice. You can listen back with a critical ear. Ask someone you trust to listen. You will find some things work, and others don’t. Perhaps your voice is not suitable for pop music but works well in blues. You might have a low voice but want to sing high. You might be a great guitarist, but your foot percussion is not working.

Talk to other buskers.

Buskers can be a bizarre bunch. Some are stern and territorial, while others are friendly and open-minded. Although it might seem daunting at first, other buskers can be a great resource for tips and tricks.

When you approach another busker, be polite. Talking to them while they are working is a waste of their time. You can put some money in their jar/case as a gesture of goodwill. You can complement their performance or act. Ask about anything you want to know. It would help get straight to the point so they don’t waste too much time. It’s okay if they don’t want you to talk. It’s usually between 50 and 50 per cent, according to my experience. I have been blessed with some amazing tips from those who enjoy chatting, which has helped me a lot in my busking.

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