These are the 5 absolute best budget audio interfaces 

With affordable recording equipment, independent recording artists are now more possible than ever. A basic home studio can be built for as little as $300 and can do the job. Here’s our guide to help you find the best budget interface for audio recording. This is a crucial piece of equipment.

What is an audio interface?

First, let’s clarify what an audio interface is and why you need it. An Audio Interface is a vital piece of your recording studio setup. These interfaces allow you to record high-quality audio directly from your condenser microphones or musical instruments into your computer.

These interfaces work with your Digital Audio Workstation, giving you complete control over what you record. Audio interfaces can be the bridge between your instruments (mics and guitars, etc.). Your computer and audio interfaces.

An audio interface allows you to connect microphones, guitars, synths and MIDI equipment. You can also plug in-studio monitors/headphones. Let’s now talk about what to look for in an audio interface that is budget-friendly.

What to Look for in an Audio Interface at a Cheap Price

Prices and features

It is important to consider the features that you will be paying for. Although budget audio interfaces are not as feature-rich, you can still get all the features you need for shopping smart.

Inputs and outputs

It is better to have multiple inputs as this allows you to plug in more instruments/microphones at once. However, keep in mind that audio interfaces at a lower price usually come with one XLR input condenser microphone or one 12 inch plug-in instrument input.

When you are just starting, this is all that you need. This is a great option for solo musicians/musicians looking to save money.

Low Latency Recording

Low latency is a minimal delay between the time a signal was recorded and the time it’s heard.

Audio interfaces with higher prices offer lower latency so that it is possible to monitor plug-in effects in real-time. You get what you pay. Each option on our list was affordable and still offered the required features, including low latency.

Durability and portability

You should consider the durability and portability requirements of your audio interface, especially if it will be moved around. It would be a shame if your device fell on the way to you when it was being transported. While the options discussed are cheaper, we made sure they were built with high-quality materials.

We now have a better understanding of what you should look for. Let’s dive into our list of top-rated budget audio interfaces in 2021!

The Best Audio Interfaces for Budget in 2021

Focusrite Scarlett Solo – 3rd Gen – (Our Favorite)The Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface is one of my favorites. It comes with everything you need to get started, and it’s a very affordable price. It is simple to connect the audio interface to your system. You need to plug in the USB to get started. The Solo is lighter and more portable than the Scarlett IIi2.

The Focusrite Solo is the best choice for musicians and artists who do most of their recording at home.

Overall, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface is a great choice. It’s also my favorite option for beginners just starting to set up a home recording studio. This interface is reliable and will do the job.

PreSonus AudioBox 96 2×2 (More Inputs Available)

PreSonus provided a great audio interface at a very affordable price. The Audiobox U96 is great for home use and portable. Because it has a steel chassis, the Audiobox USB 96 is durable and can withstand a lot of abuse when being transported. It will be safe and sound.

You will notice on the front of the interface two TRS/XLR inputs that allow you to record vocals and musical instruments simultaneously. You also have a 48v Phantom power switch, gain controls for each input, volume control and a knob that can control the main volume.

The Audiobox USB from Presonus does everything and more. The Audiobox USB 96’s reliability is ideal for anyone who intends to take their recording equipment to many places.

  1. M-Audio AIR 192|4 (Unique Design)

M-Audio has been included in our list thanks to their Air 192 audio interface. An excellent choice for solo recording artists/musicians. Its unique, slick design will work with any home studio setup.

The knobs on the top of the interface allow you to adjust the gain of both your mic and line combination inputs. The LED level meter is available for both inputs. It’s great for reference, but you will most likely be using it to monitor your levels on your Digital Audio Workstation.

It is a solid choice for budget audio interfaces. 4 Interface.

Steinberg UR12 USB (Impressive Durability)

Steinberg provides everything you need with an affordable UR12 audio interface. The CD comes with the interface, but it can be downloaded from Steinberg’s website.

The interface’s front panel contains both a 1/4 inch input for condenser microphones and musical instruments, with their associated gain knobs. You can also control the output gain knob on the front. This allows you to adjust the volume of your headphones and the RCA outputs.

The UR12 is a great budget option for an audio interface, especially if you are primarily interested in recording vocals.

Monkey USB 3.0 Audio Interface (Most Affordable)

Monkey’s MSc1 is the most budget-friendly audio interface. This is a great entry-level interface for recording music from the comfort of your home.

You can turn on the Phantom Power to use condenser mics. There is also a switch to adjust the gain for both inputs and outputs.

The recording format is 48kHz-24bit, but the sound it records sounds high-definition. It’s also easy to set up and use. Plug the USB 3.0 cable into your computer, and you can use it on Windows or Mac.

The MSc1 USB interface by Monkey is a great entry-level interface for audio.

Last Thoughts

We hope you found the right budget audio interface with our guide. I only recommended the best options within this price range. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to put together a home studio. You can start a recording studio as long as you have the right equipment. All the best with your recording endeavors.


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