Three Ways to Make the Most of Summer Festival Season

The Festival season is the best time to be in the music business. Festival season is magical, whether you are a fan, a band performing on one of the stages, or an industry worker. It is a unique atmosphere.

This blog is dedicated to helping musicians take their music careers to the next level. We’re going to share some tips to help you do that. We’ve compiled a list of three ways to make the most out of the summer festival season.

Network at the Festival

This is simple, but it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to build relationships with current and future fans, artists, and the industry. You should work on this every day, festivals being a great time to do it. Here are some ideas to help you get started building relationships with people:

Fan: It’s not a bad idea to stand outside festival gates and chat with people. Giving away or selling your music at a bargain price is also a good idea. They’ll most likely be open to chatting with you and making new friends. It’s all part of the festival atmosphere! You’re more likely to leave a lasting impression because you are getting one-on-1 face-to-face time. Make sure to take the time to get to know your audience. Do not dominate the conversation by saying, “Hi, I’m in the band. Would you like to listen to my music?”. Ask them what they are most excited about, if they have been before and where they came from. You will feel more connected to them if you allow them to talk.

Industry: Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify certain industry members at festivals. They don’t usually have a sign saying “I’m with X Company,” and they often blend in with the crowd. There are two ways you can tell if someone is working in the industry. Fortunately, both offer easy ways to get to them.

First, merch stands. Most people who work in a band’s merchandise booth are in some industry. I can almost guarantee that 9 out of 10 times, they will be happy to have you visit for a chat. This is not about selling yourself. Take the time to get to know them and not just talk about yourself. Don’t ask them anything right now. Please get to know them well and find a way for you to stay in touch.

The second category is photographers. Ask anyone you see with a professional camera if they are using it for any purposes. You can also write down their name and the website they shot for, even if they don’t have a card. Don’t stop the conversation there if you can. You can keep the conversation going by asking questions (“Who is most enjoyable to photograph/Who are you most looking forward to photographing?”), which will help you recall them when they reach out to you a few days later to compliment your work.

Other bands: There are always emerging, and local bands display signs showing their time. As we have with the rest, take the time and get to know them. Get their information and then follow up with kind words and memorable details.

Your local festival

There is no limit to the number of festivals held in a city this summer. Although this is quite a daunting task, it’s an enjoyable one. It’s a great way to gain experience in marketing, booking, PR, and promotion. You can also build relationships with local bands and industry professionals, increase your fan base, and connect with them. You might even find a new hobby!


This is a great way for you to get on the festival train. It also gives you an extra boost in social media and allows you to interact with your fans in a fun and new way. You can cover one song by an artist performing on the major festival circuit every Friday from late May to late August or September. It’s a great idea to do it as an FB Live since Facebook encourages them, and you have the time for a Q&A. But pre-recording can be a good way to start if you are shy.

Don’t forget to answer fans’ requests! This will allow you to converse with your fans and make them feel part of the whole process. It’s a win for everyone.

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