Tips for musicians on live streaming

Live streaming has been a popular way to perform, but it’s not the same as performing at a dive bar gig. Each platform and each piece of gear has its pros and cons. Please make the most of them by understanding your purpose and how much effort you are willing to put in. What is in it for you? What’s in the deal for you?

Where is the gig?

Multi-streaming across all your platforms can provide you with great coverage. However, sticking to one platform might be more beneficial to your audience. You can be creative about how you use these platforms. Each avenue offers different methods and results.

Where the people are

It is a good idea to stream where your fans can access it. Facebook and YouTube can be great platforms to reach your audience. However, it is important to know the tone of each platform and how they interact with one another. Facebook Live views are most popular after the post has been published. You should aim for replayability and treat it as any other well-performing post.


Facebook is the most accessible platform for your audience. However, there are strict eligibility requirements to monetize and make direct earnings. Twitch has financial incentives to build an audience on its platform. If you stream enough, you can become an Affiliate. This is more accessible than YouTube’s tipping feature, unlocking 1000 subscribers. These steps can be bypassed with software like Streamlabs. You can use their widgets and links to allow fans to donate to your PayPal account directly.

Broadcasting software

OBS and stream to multiple platforms using your phone (simulcasting). You can also use Streamlabs to keep the same process on all platforms. Streamlabs is easy to use. It gives you complete control over your audio, visual, and chats on your respective platforms. There are additional features like graphic overlays and tip-jars.

Ticketed live streaming

Although live streaming is not as expensive as a gig, some people will still pay more to see tight sets. Ticketed streaming is often organized in the same way as booking a regular gig. When looking for a place to host your stream, consider a venue that only provides a doorperson. Once you have confirmed a virtual venue, it is time to organize the backline, marketing, run sheets and a production crew. You can upload the stream to Spotify or other concert tracking sites. Then you can assess whether it is worth partnering with a booking agency for promotion.

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Selecting a time

Take your audience’s time and lifestyle into account to determine when they can give you their full attention. Based on your analytics, target a specific timezone. Prepare the audience by announcing it ahead of time and inviting them to sign up for notifications when you go live.


Live streaming is all about engaging with your audience. Don’t let this fool you. Unlike a traditional performance, a good song is not enough to make you successful. Your reach will be determined by how well you attract viewers in the first few seconds.


Mixing audio sources down to stereo channels is essential for any musical endeavour. Mixing audio requires cables, microphones, an interface, and a mixer. A smartphone mixer is a fast and easy way to stream smaller arrangements. USB-compatible mixers offer a cost-effective option for multitrack streaming. You can mix your stream’s audio with a USB microphone if your streams are not as musical.

The video format

Consider what your viewers see on their 6-inch smartphone screens and whether they find it engaging enough to keep their attention. You can perform in a well-lit area. But, you can create your vibe by using lamps or LED bars. Visual assets like widgets and themes are a great way to keep visuals interesting.

Other considerations

  • Prepare and practice your stream. What will you say or do in the first few moments?
  • Do not listen to your stream through speakers. Soundcheck with headphones
  • MixCloud is a good option if you use mastered music in your stream to avoid copyright infringements.
  • Before you go, test your internet connection. Hotspot your mobile to get the recommended upload speed.


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