What Does Your Taste in Music say About the Way you Drive?

One of life’s simplest joys is to jam out to your favourite tunes while you’re behind the wheel. A number of studies have been carried out by musicologists, car insurers, driver training organisations and countless others in an attempt to understand the correlation between musical taste and driving style. So, what does your taste in music say about the way you drive?

Heavy Metal/Drum & Bass/Rap: These genres are traditionally played fast and loud, which is a bad thing when it comes to maintaining focus on the road. If you love this style of music, it’s a good idea to keep the volume down while you drive, as it is scientifically proven that fast, loud music reduces the sharpness of other senses that we use to drive safely.

Classical: Perhaps you saw this one coming, but those who listen to classical music while they drive are least likely to be involved in an accident or break a road rule. This could be because classical music is generally appreciated by a slightly older, and therefore more experienced demographic of drivers. But it could also be due to classical music’s known calming qualities, which would help counter stress when behind the wheel.

Jazz: In a survey of 2000 drivers, those who listen to jazz music recorded the highest number of speeding fines. There are a few potential reasons why this could be the case. The first is that jazz is a more complex genre of music than most, and listeners could become too focused on the intricacies of the music, rather than the importance of the brake pedal. Another reason could be that, according to the survey, jazz fans drive longer distances on average, and therefore are more likely to pass a speed camera. Either way, if you love jazz make sure you’re aware of your speed on the road!

If you’re a reggae lover, there’s a high chance that you’re involved in more near misses than fans of other genres. The reason why? It could be that reggae fans often use this style of music to chill out, so much so that they aren’t paying close enough attention to what’s going on around them when they drive. You need to stay calm behind the wheel, but you also need to be alert!

Whatever the tunes, and whatever the genre, no one can deny that belting out your favourite song behind the wheel is a liberating and joyous experience. Just make sure your first priority is safe and responsible driving.

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