Why live shows are more important than ever

A lot of the activity in the music industry takes place now via smartphone and computer screens. Like other aspects of modern life, music is now largely being heard and discussed online. Don’t forget about the physical world if you want to impact the world through your music.

The majority of people spend a lot of time online each day. The world is increasingly dependent on the internet to communicate, work, communicate, find love, keep up with friends, shop, read the news, and play games. This presents a tremendous opportunity for anyone who works in any creative medium that allows for in-person experiences. This includes performing live for musicians.

Some musicians enjoy performing on the stage. Others prefer to work in the studio, sharing their music online on their terms. While the digital age seems to favour introverted musicians, it is a disadvantage for artists who don’t want to travel. Artists miss an opportunity to make lasting connections with their audiences and connect with them through their music online.

Live shows are more than just a good time. It is not like attending a live concert, listening to music on your laptop or streaming it live from your computer. The chance for musicians to deliver something truly unique and memorable is available. Although they have had this opportunity for years, it is more important than ever to give live performances.

Many bands have decided to stop touring because of the ease of sharing music online. Anyone who has ever toured can see why. Even for the most successful artists, touring can be exhausting and sometimes even painful. Touring for many musicians involves long hours in vans, planes and green rooms, punctuated with short sets on the stage. Bad habits, poor sleep, and bad food are common. For many unestablished artists, it is not uncommon to find empty rooms or little compensation for performing on the road.

While streaming and making a profit are helpful and necessary ways to gauge an artist’s success, nothing quite beats a live performance. From growing audience numbers at each show and Livestream to testing new material, live shows are a long-proven tool that helps perfect songs and build artists into the knock-formers. 

A great live show can be a powerful way to get people involved and give them an unforgettable experience.

Even bands who prefer to tour are still missing out if they don’t allow fans the chance to see them live. There is a staggering amount of music being released every day. How artists present their work to the world will determine how it is remembered. A great live show can be a powerful way to connect with people and give them an unforgettable, in-person experience. Many people believe that music’s future lies in live experiences rather than streaming or screens. Although no one knows what the future holds for music, artists who make music have an enormous opportunity to gain momentum and an audience through live performances.

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