Why We Want Our Product to be Invisible

As a Group Design Director, Simon Matthews brings the highest level of design and visual communication to Naim, telling great stories through design. So, why Uniti? Simon explains the deliberate intricacies and philosophies behind the aesthetic and technological qualities that sets Uniti apart.

‘It is difficult to imagine more Naim know how per cm³ than you’ll find in Uniti’

Everything we do has purpose. There’s even purpose in aesthetics. Just as we dress ourselves to deliver a message to the world, the Uniti is designed to deliver the message of Naim: the utmost quality of sound. But there’s a profound contrast between the delightful simplicity of its external and the deliberate complexity of its internal.

For us audiophiles, high end audio is not merely a unit that produces great sound. It is a philosophy, a symbol of indulged complexities in the pursuit of perfect sound. Like in a song, each note has a definitive purpose in producing a whole, but it’s work as a single note is invisible. While listening to Uniti, its workings are invisible to the euphoric sounds it conjures outside of and within us. We do not hear it ‘work.’ But an incredible amount of thought went into every component to produce this desired invisibility.

Even the effortless finish of the Uniti is anything but effortless. The sleek lines of the exterior serve purpose, they are finned extruded heat sinks, a design inspired by the Naim Statement amplifier and Naim Mu-so. Made with precision, the Uniti design and materials maximise the available space for it to achieve the purest of sounds.

Specialist grades of aluminium ensure the most efficient heat removal from core electronics. And the delicate electrical signals are protected with shielding and carefully positioned for optimum signal integrity. One look inside any of the Uniti systems and the density and intricacy of the solution is a pleasure to behold!

“The Uniti is a brand new state-of-the-art range, that looks to the Naim heritage and forwards to its continued evolution.”

In life, we grow. We learn what to change and what to cherish. We value our heritage but we don’t rely on our past. Life only gets better with Naim. We embrace new cutting edge technologies, giving us the truly unique products that are in the marketplace today.

Uniti now has over-the-air updates and state-of-the-art WiFi, cleverly hidden– the receivers live within specially machined slots in the heatsinks.

We took technology from our iconic NAIT integrated amplifiers and re-worked it to create the best solution for an all-in-one player. Class A/B amplifiers might be large and heavy but they deliver music in a way we have always believed in. And for a true belief, you do not comprise.

Our focus is to create of the perfect portal into the world of music, the world that shapes all of our lives. These precision units offer more than the highest levels of engineering and design integrity, Uniti offers a way of life. That’s why I made it my life to tell its story through design.

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