5 Easy Tour Meal Ideas that Won’t Make you Feel Bad

After a few days, you will be sick if you eat only meals from gas stations or fast-food restaurants while on tour. Most touring bands find it impossible to buy three healthy meals daily from restaurants because of the small profit margins. Here are five delicious tour meals that will do good for your body. You’ll need to bring a cooler filled with ice for some of these meals.

One of the most important parts of preparing for your journey is finding healthy road trip food ideas. It can be stressful trying to feed everyone while you’re away.

This article has everything from an extensive road trip food list to a selection of homemade recipes to impress any companion. I’ve outlined a selection of awesome sandwiches, healthy snacks, and the all-important road trip grocery list!

I’ll give you my best car food ideas in this tasty guide!

Armed with all this information, you can ensure your trip is enjoyable by setting off prepared with some fantastic road trip meals!

There’s even a section on the best road trip food recipes for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Hummus, red bell peppers and pita bread

Hummus is delicious and full of protein, dear friends. Although the hardest part of the meal is cutting the bell peppers, you can still buy the bags of small peppers at the grocery store. You don’t want to spend much on hummus if it is cheap. Instead, invest a little more. It will be a wise decision.

Blueberries, yogurt, and granola

Although it’s easy to skip breakfast while on tour, the great thing about traveling is that you can have your first meal at any hour. A quick breakfast that’s easy to prepare is yogurt, granola and blueberries. Greek yogurt is a great way to increase your intake of protein.

Tuna salad with baby carrots

Although this meal is not fancy, it’s a tour. Once you have a big win, caviar is an option. This snack is cheap and quick and will keep you full and happy without making you feel bloated or slow like fast food. Sweet relish can be added to your tuna salad to add some flavor.

Cottage cheese and fruit cups

Some people dislike cottage cheese for its texture. However, everyone else loves it as a tasty, protein-packed snack, and it goes well with fruit. Mixing fruit cups is easy and cheap unless you don’t mind cutting the fruit in the van while you wait for shows. Mixed fruit cups are great for anyone who hasn’t had one since elementary school.

Instant brown rice packets with edamame, soy sauce and edamame

This last one will require a microwave, but most gas stations will allow you to use theirs if you don’t buy any gas or other expensive items. Microwavable packets are now available for brown rice and frozen edamame. Both foods taste delicious together. You can make a great meal with some soy sauce packets.

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