Can anyone learn to sing? (Natural talent vs hard work)

People are often taught that singing is a natural talent. “Naturally gifted vocalists” was a term I heard back in college chorus classes. This got me thinking: can anyone learn how to sing? Or are there limitations to our singing abilities?

Some people are naturally more gifted than others in singing. This can deter many people from learning how to sing. I am here to tell you why, even though it seems like all odds are against your singing abilities, you should not give up on your singing goals.

Not all talented singers are “naturally gifted.”

You may have heard someone sing well and thought, “This person must be born with an amazing voice.”

It is important to remember that not all talented singers you hear are naturally gifted. They have likely put in a lot of time and dedication working on their craft. We don’t always see the hours spent training and practising. Even naturally talented singers will take singing lessons and practice every day to improve their voices.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most prominent singers/songwriters today. Ed’s music has had big hits such as “Thinking Out Loud” or “Perfect”. Many singers who want to be like Sheeran say that his talent inspires them.

Hard work or natural talent

As with all skills, you need to practice and work hard to improve your skill. While some people are born with greater talent than others (in this instance, singers), it is possible for anyone who doesn’t have a natural talent to improve their singing skills. They might even be better than a natural singer who does not work as hard to improve their craft.

Proper Training For Singers

You may feel like me when you first started singing. Despite knowing I was not good at singing, I loved doing it as a child. You’ll hear more about my story later. But, this ultimately pushed me into training to improve my singing skills. The best place to begin is with basic singing skills. A professional singer teacher is the best way to achieve this.

Taking Sing Lessons

After I was accepted to college, I began taking classes that would help me improve my singing. I began with music theory and chorus classes. These classes were helpful in my understanding of music theory and my confidence when performing in front of others. However, it wasn’t until private singing lessons that I experienced extraordinary growth as an artist.

You can practice on your own

It’s great to have a mentor who can help improve your singing skills, but it’s equally important that you practice what you’ve learned in your sessions. Spend time practising singing techniques and getting to know your voice. You can improve your singing skills and comfort level by becoming more familiar with your voice.

Singing and Musical Experiences

Your growth will also depend on your ability to sing. You should train with a teacher, but you must also seek out singing and musical experiences. You can do this by listening to different music styles and performing in public. You can even learn how to sing by writing and putting together songs.

You will become more comfortable with singing/musical situations and experiences. You will also gain inspirations that can help you create your singing style.

Create Your Style of Singing

You will become more confident with your singing voice if you improve and train your vocal skills. Develop your style and singing voice. This is a must for any singer.

It is easy to try to imitate our favourite singers. However, it is important to recognize our voice.

My Singing Journey

As I said, I loved singing as a child, but I knew that I needed to improve my voice. Although I knew I wanted to improve my singing, I was stubborn and wouldn’t take the first steps to improve.

This was only the beginning of my singing career.

My First Singing Lesson

As I mentioned, I also took chorus classes at college. Although these classes were helpful, they weren’t as effective as private singing lessons. My chorus professors recommended me to my singing teacher. They recommended me to a classical music singing teacher. This person also happened to be my current chorus professor.

All my fears and irrational thoughts disappeared after my first singing lesson. My teacher was able to identify my mistakes in technique and weaknesses and devise a lesson plan to help me improve.

My Experiences After Taking Lessons

After singing lessons for a while, I felt more confident singing. I performed in front of an audience because of my increased confidence. I was able to sing in a musical. It was a great experience and taught me so much. Although it’s difficult to perform in a musical for five days straight, I found that it was possible.

These experiences have taught me a lot about myself and inspired me to sing better.

Where Am I Now?

Now I’m a singer/songwriter. I enjoy performing live and recording music for online platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube. Although I have made a lot of progress from where I started, I still have a lot to do.

Since my first lesson, I have seen a significant improvement in my confidence and singing ability. This is why I urge everyone to learn how to be a better singer.

Can anyone learn to sing?

Let’s return to the original question: Can anyone learn how to sing?

It is possible to learn to sing. Even though some people are naturally better at singing, it doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. You must work hard if you want to learn to sing.

Learn to sing with a professional teacher. Make sure you practice singing every day and experiment with your voice. Last but not least, try singing and listening to music.

Each experience allows you to develop as a singer and learn more about yourself and your voice.

Always work hard and keep striving to improve. The best singers never stop learning and improving their craft. They are always willing to learn new things, allowing them to continue growing as singers.

Continue to improve your craft and build your confidence. All the best for your singing endeavours.

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