The Top Music Social Media Campaigns of 2022

We want you to implement a great social media strategy for your music by 2021. So we have compiled the top social media campaign ideas that will give your pages an extra boost.

You can also access a free template for the social media calendar below to help you plan, organize, and share great posts.

Scroll down for some great ideas for social media posts to help you engage and reach your followers. Don’t forget the link to our free social media content calendar, campaign planner and music social media campaign planning tool.

Musicians’ top social media tips


Are you planning to release a new song, album, or music video? A teaser video can be posted to your social media profiles to give your followers an idea of what to expect. This will help build hype and excitement around your release.

Keep your teaser video short and sweet. A small clip from the music video could suffice. However, if you’re releasing a new track, flashy graphics will help grab their attention as they scroll through their timeline. You don’t have to be boring or creative!

To generate interest in your release ahead of its release date, you should also create a preorder link. Preorders can be made through the top music labels and distributors.

Partnerships and takeovers

Your reach and potential impressions can be at least doubled by combining your promotional efforts with another brand or artist of equal or greater reputation.

There are several options. A team-up with a similar artist could help you reach new fans by creating content for your page.

If you are fortunate enough to secure a sponsorship or partnership with a brand, it is possible to combine your social media and promotional efforts with that brand. This can greatly increase your visibility and public profile.

Live video

Live streaming on social media can be a powerful tool because every follower will receive a notification when you launch Facebook Live. This is a lot more reach than just posting a video.

Live streaming isn’t limited to Facebook. Both Instagram and Twitter offer a live option worth the effort.

This promotional tool can be used in several ways, including shooting live videos of a gig or a one-off acoustic performance. Hosting Q&A sessions where you can speak directly to your followers is perhaps a better way to live-stream.

What’s trending?

Jumping on the most popular topics of the day is a quick and effective way of appearing on people’s timelines, especially on platforms that allow people to scroll through topics using hashtags.

Participating in conversations can help you reach new people, increase your visibility and boost your profile to new audiences. This is a quick way to post and doesn’t require any planning.

This technique should not be used in excess. Use hashtags that are relevant to your music or music in general. Otherwise, you might be seen as spammy.

Competitions & Giveaways

Everyone loves to get free stuff. Why not give people what they want? Engage your followers on social media with a giveaway or competition.

You should think about what you are offering if you plan to run a giveaway. A free track could be given to anyone who shares or likes your page or post or an exclusive product to those who preorder your album.

The competition allows you to be more creative. You could give a larger prize to draw people in and increase the publicity potential if there are only one or two winners.

While giveaways in competitions may be costly, they can provide you with social currency. You stand to gain promotion through increased exposure on social media.

Behind the scenes footage

Your fans should get a glimpse into the life behind-the-scenes. This campaign idea is compatible with the live video and short video content mentioned above. Both of these options allow you to share behind-the-scenes insights.

You can share footage from your gigs, backstage preparations, footage of a jam session with the band, or even footage of you and the band on the road. This will help build trust and loyal fans.

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